Conergy is the only solar company worldwide that delivers synchronised solar systems. The system manufacturer produces all components needed for solar installation under one roof. Furthermore, all necessary services related to the solar plants come from one single source.

The Conergy System Sales takes Conergy's premium products and services directly to the customer in nearly 40 different countries. With 24 subsidies in 14 countries on four continents, the solar group operates closer to the customer than any other solar company. This way, the solar experts have generated more than half of their sales outside of Germany.

Manufacturer - ProductCell TypeVoltsWatts$/WattsPrice
Conergy P 235PA, 235W Solar PanelPolycrystalline202352.25$ 530
Conergy P 230PA, 230W Solar PanelPolycrystalline 202302.25$ 520
Conergy P 185M, 185W Solar PanelMonocrystalline241852.25$ 420
Conergy Black 225PA, 225W Solar PanelPolycrystalline202252.37$ 530
Conergy PowerPlus, 220P, 220W Solar PanelPolycrystalline202203.15$ 700
Conergy PowerPlus, 215P, 215W Solar PanelPolycrystalline202153.15$ 680
Conergy PowerPlus, 225P, 225W Solar PanelPolycrystalline202253.15$ 710
Good quality at a reasonable price.
Active in 40 markets, at home in 14 countries.
Sold more than 1.5 GW of clean solar energy..


Address: Conergy AG Anckelmannsplatz 1 20537 Hamburg Germany
Tel: +49 40 27142 1000
Site: Conergy