Evergreen Solar's senior management team are steeped in photovoltaics (PV) and solar industry related experience, with specific expertise in the scientific development, manufacturing, and marketing of PV products.

Manufacturer - ProductCell TypeVoltsWatts$/WattsPrice
Evergreen Solar ES-A-210-fa3, 210WPolycrystalline122102.60$ 540
Evergreen Solar ES-A-200-fa3, 200WPolycrystalline 122003.06$ 610
These all-purpose panels deliver exceptional, field-proven performance yet are versatile enough to be installed on virtually any roof in almost any climate.
All our panels have the best power tolerance in the industry (-0 / +5 W) and consistently deliver more electricity than competitors in field tests.
Our panels have the smallest carbon footprint and fastest energy payback of any silicon-based solar panel ever made.


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