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SCHOTT Solar has over 53 years experience in solar technology. The company develops, manufactures and markets highly efficient receivers, a key component for Concentrated Solar Power plants with parabolic trough technology, as well as innovative, high-quality photovoltaic products. With crystalline solar wafers, solar cells, solar power modules and a-Si thin film modules, SCHOTT Solar provides core components in the value chain for the photovoltaic generation of energy.

SCHOTT Solar regards itself as a market and technology leader for receivers for Concentrated Solar Power plants with parabolic trough technology. Based on many years of research and development competence, the company also considers itself as one of the cutting-edge, integrated quality providers of photovoltaic products, both in crystalline photovoltaics and in thin film technology.

Schott Solar
Manufacturer - ProductCell TypeVoltsWatts$/WattsPrice
Schott Poly 230, 230W Solar PanelPolycrystalline202302.00$ 460
Schott Poly 235, 235W Solar PanelPolycrystalline 202352.17$ 510
Schott Solar:
There are two fixed constants in solar energy: the sun and the PV equipment that turns solar energy into electricity. That the sun shines every day is guaranteed. That the PV modules provide the desired performance and energy yield is also guaranteed, by SCHOTT Solar. Thanks to the linear performance guarantee.
SCHOTT Solar even provides a 30-year guarantee for double glass modules.
Worldwide wholesaler, unbeatable price.


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